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Extensive experience in the management of businesses, and the provision of a wide range of financial and consultancy services, in a global career spanning over 30 years, including:

Directed the development and operation of the Finance Department for a Middle East national telecommunications company operating under challenging circumstances, growing at 25% p.a., servicing 1 million customers.

Programme Management Responsibility for a technically complex project with a global spread, involving 70 group business units, at a US$300 million total cost spread over a two-year period, fully completing all deliverables on time and to budget.

Chairman / CEO of a telecommunications company employing over 500 persons, implementing a range of performance improvements over a two-year period that resulted in a 17% increase in revenue, a 67% increase in profits, with a resultant 15% ROCE.

Trustee for a substantial Charitable Trust, overcoming onerous regulatory, legal and political challenges, to achieve what is recognized to be an exceptional result for the Trust Beneficiaries.

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