Membership and Publicity Committee

The Membership and Publicity Committee was established to carry out such activities as necessary to raise the positive public profile of the profession of Accountancy and, thereby enhance the brand ‘Chartered Accountant’ and to promote national, regional and international linkages at all levels.

The Committee focuses on opportunities to expand general and student membership and initiates activities aimed at promoting the image of the Institute, maintaining an effective means of information exchange among members via the Secretariat and assisting in promoting the role, responsibility and achievements of the Institute in advancing the interest of the profession through various communication media.

The Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Review and ensure resolution of membership complaints;
  • Review and ensure resolution of complaints from the public;
  • Manage and draft all press releases, advertising and other campaigns;
  • Ensure circulation to membership of professional newsletters;
  • Promote training, workshop, seminars and conferences both locally and regionally;
  • Manage all communication media; website; newsletter.

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